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The Smiths Collection

Pet Vignettes, Pencil Studies and Icons


Roger and Adrienne Bea Smith

Roger and Adrienne Smith were inspired to create their poodle and pet love series. because of their love of their poodle - Sir Wolf Lichen (Lichen). These icons are individually hand-painted in acrylic on wood ready to hang on your wall. Autographed by the artists, Roger and Adrienne Bea Smith who live in Baltimore, MD. A perfect collectible gift for all occasions. Adrienne Bea Smith renders also pet portrait vignettes in pen and ink with watercolor as well as pet portrait colored pencil studies.


Roger and Adrienne met in the North of England in a small city called Lancaster. Roger was originally from Kent, UK and Adrienne was an American from Chicago living over 20 years in Britain. They decided to try their fate in USA and combine their talents in the Arts. See below their individual talents. 




Roger attended Sir John Cass School of Art, London for the Diploma in Art and Design (Painting, Sculpture and Photography). He has had occupations such as goldsmith, toymaker, furniture maker, lecturer and landscape gardener which has helped him paint and sculpt. He creates sculpture in wood and paintings in oil. He has lived in England, Switzerland and France as an artist and teacher.   Roger was a Co-Director, Founder and Owner of the Main Street Gallery in Central New York from 2003-2013.  His work has been exhibited in Europe and the U.S.A.




Adrienne has a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art (Painting) from University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England as well as a BA degree in Drama from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  In the past she has been a Organizer for the Lancaster Lit Festival, Lecturer and Administrator. She was a Co-Director, Founder and Owner of the Main Street Gallery in Central New York. Adrienne likes to paint in all media. She toured Europe for a year before living in England, France and Sweden. Exhibitions of her work have been held in Europe and the USA. She has a blog site about Sir Wolf Lichen called the Chronicles of Lichen .














Roger and Adrienne Bea Smith

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